Website Instructions

  1. MyPrint Overview
  2. Using MyPrint for the first time
    1. USC Students
    2. Guests
    3. Log out of MyPrint
  3. Add Value to your Account
    1. View Statements
  4. Change Your Settings
    1. Emailed Statements 
    2. Change your Account PIN
    3. Balance Notifications
  5. WebPrint
  6. Shop
  7. MyPrint Support
    1. Forgot your Password or PIN?


1  MyPrint Overview

The MyPrint website offers you the following online facilities:

  • Add Value to your account using a secure credit card payment system.
  • See the Balance and Last Use of your MyPrint account.
  • Set up Low Balance Notifications at account Options.
  • View Statements in summary or detail view by date range.
  • Change Your Settings to regulate Emailed Statements and change your Account PIN.
  • Access WebPrint to process your files online and print at a printer.
  • Access Shop to order Course Workbooks and USC Merchandise.

The use of MyPrint services is subject to Terms and Conditions.

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2  Using the MyPrint website for the first time

2.1  USC Students

Log in to MyPrint using your USC network username and password and click the Log In in button once.

When you log in for the very first time, simply create your MyPrint account by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


2.2  Guests

Create a Guest Account to access the MyPrint website and self-serve copying and printing facilities.

  1. To create a Guest Account you will need a valid email address. MyPrint will communicate with you via this email address.
  2. On the MyPrint Login page, select the link to Create a new Guest Account.
  3. Enter your full name in the Name field.
  4. Type in your email address.
  5. Retype your email address to confirm.
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Tick I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  8. Select Create Account.
  9. Your account will be created and you will be given an on-screen account number.
  10. Select Continue.
  11. Set a PIN to secure your account. You will use this PIN to login to the MyPrint website and printers at USC.
  12. Add credit to your account.
  13. You will receive an email with your account ID number, keep it handy as you can use this Guest Account again in future.


2.3  Log out of MyPrint

Logging out closes your MyPrint session and prevents other people tampering with your account. For security reasons we recommend you Log Out every time you have finished working with MyPrint.

To Log out: click the Log Out link in the left hand column of any MyPrint page.

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3  Add Value to your Account 

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Check your account balance and select Add Value.
  3. Choose a preset amount or type in Other Amount.
  4. Select Proceed to Payment. You will be transferred to a secure site to enter your credit card details. Visa or MasterCard accepted.
  5. When you have successfully processed your online payment, you will return to the MyPrint Account page for transaction confirmation.
  6. MyPrint will also send you a confirmation email.
  7. Click OK to go to your account and see your new balance.


3.1  View Statements

You can request transaction summary and detail statements of your MyPrint activity.

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select View Statements.
  3. Choose the Statement Type you want: either Summary or Detail.
  4. Enter the date range you want to report on.
  5. Select View Statement, this will display the statement on screen.
  6. When you have finished, select Back to Statements Page.
  7. You can display another statement, otherwise select the Cancel button to return to your account page.

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4  Change Your Settings

4.1  Emailed Statements

You can have your MyPrint Account statements emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To set up automatic statements:

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select Change Your Settings.
  3. Select the Emailed Statements tab.
  4. Select how often you want to receive statements - daily, weekly, monthly.
  5. Select which statement you would like to receive, Include Summary Statement or Include Detail Statement. You must choose at least one statement type.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Home to go back to your Account page.

To stop automatic statements:

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select Change Your Settings.
  3. Select the Emailed Statements tab.
  4. Select Don't Send Statements Automatically.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Home to go back to your Account page.


4.2  Change your 4 digit PIN

You can change your PIN online at any time.

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select Change Your Settings.
  3. Select Account PIN and enter a new 4 digit PIN.
  4. Select Change.
  5. Select Home to go back to your Account page.


4.3  Balance Notifications

You can set up Balance Notifications for your MyPrint Account.

  1. Login to MyPrint
  2. Select Options, to the right of your account details.
  3. You can tick to receive notifications when your account goes below a value of your choice.
  4. Save your change.
  5. Click Back to return to your Account page.

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5  WebPrint

WebPrint gives you flexibility to print where-ever you are. Upload your print-ready files, URL documents or email your jobs to print at a printer.

*WebPrint is designed for basic print jobs and has a hard time handling big files and documents with columns or special formatting. 

**The most reliable way to print is from a USC Computer to the Black or Colour print drivers. See the Self-serve Instructions for How to print from a USC computer

WebPrint instructions

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select WebPrint.
  3. Choose the process that best suits your printing needs.
  • File Print allows you to process files from your computer.
    1. Upload multiple files at a time
    2. A vast range of file types are supported
    3. Upload files are limited to a maximum size of 100Mb.
  • URL Print allows you to process a document from the web.
    1. Open a web document to copy and paste the URL
    2. It must be a document – standard web pages do not render nicely for printing

  • Email Print allows you to register an email address to print from.
    1. After you have registered your email address, email your files to
    2. If there's an attachment to your email, the attachment will be processed for printing.
    3. If there's no attachment, the body of your email will be processed for printing.
  1. When you have processed your WebPrint files, they will appear in the MyPrint Jobs.
  2. You can change the print properties before you print.
  3. MyPrint Jobs will be in your list for 24 hours or until you print them – after which they will be deleted.

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6  Shop

The MyPrint Shop is where you can order Course Workbooks and USC Merchandise.

  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select Shop.
  3. Choose a category.
  4. Add items to your shopping cart.
  5. Select Summary and Checkout to pay – you’ll be taken back to your MyPrint Account.
  6. Choose to pay with your MyPrint Credit or with Visa or MasterCard.
  7. After the payment is processed, you’ll receive an onscreen confirmation and an email confirmation providing your transaction details.

For product images, detailed information and turn around times, visit the MyPrint Shop products webpage.

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7  MyPrint Support

Visit the Printing Support website.

  1. Use the self-help guide to solve your technical issues or printing problems at any time.
  2. Locate assistance at your campus during business hours.
  3. Report a printing problem using the online form, providing a clear explanation of your problem.


7.1  Forgot your password or PIN?

USC Students - if you forget your USC network password, please contact the IT Student Help Desk.

Guests - if you forget your MyPrint Account PIN and cannot login to MyPrint, please email for support.

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