The use of MyPrint services is subject to terms, conditions and guidelines.

MyPrint is a transaction management system for the self-serve copying and printing facilities at UniSC. MyPrint caters to students and guests of UniSC, using individual MyPrint accounts which are managed entirely online.
MyPrint Accounts
A MyPrint account holds credit which the account holder has purchased via online payments, with intention to spend the credit on copying, printing, products and services at UniSC.
MyPrint accounts are restricted to a maximum value of $5,000.00.
Guest MyPrint accounts expire 5 years from the creation of the account. Should Guests wish to continue using their account, they should contact Print Services to extend their account.
If a MyPrint balance goes below zero as a result of photocopying beyond the session balance or the MyPrint services continuing to operate during system down-time, the account holder is responsible for payment of those purchases.
SSAF credits are provided to eligible UniSC students each year. When copying, printing or purchasing products from the MyPrint Shop, a students SSAF credit is automatically depleted first.
Refund, Credit and Exchange Guidelines
MyPrint credit can only be withdrawn from an account when the account holder meets the refund criteria outlined in the MyPrint full refund and credit guidelines. If eligible, a full refund of the remaining MyPrint balance will be refunded back to the account holders credit card account (used to make purchases or add credit).
Where products and services are accepted for return, according to the Print Services Exchange and credit guidelines, an exchange of credits will be made to a MyPrint account. Refunds or credits are not accepted for UniSC Apparel or Merchandise - exchanges only for products deemed faulty.
Print Services and MyPrint self-serve printing are both cashless facilities, therefore cash refunds are not available.
Documentation of Activity
A MyPrint account holder can see the balance of their account when they are logged into a printer or on the MyPrint website.
Anyone can request a receipt at the time of making a purchase at Print Services, however self-serve copiers and printers are not capable of providing receipts.
MyPrint account holders can view Activity Statements and regulate emailed statements via the MyPrint website.
Issue Resolution
If a transaction is charged to a MyPrint Account where the account holder did not receive their goods or services, they are to report the details of the transaction to Print Services immediately, including information such as the date, amount of the transaction and any other information that will assist to investigate the claim.
If a MyPrint account holder suspects unauthorised activity or account usage, they are to immediately report their claim by contacting Print Services. The account holder will be responsible for all account usage prior to proper notification to Print Services.